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King County Classifieds - Flexible and Affordable Classified Advertising Pricing

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

We offer a variety of options for promoting your product or service.

Utilize our Free features or get more exposure by using the paid features.

Free Classified Advertising

Ads are placed Free for 14 days at a time. You can the use the classifieds service for as long as you want, free of charge. Just register, log in prior to the renewal date and renew the Ad. The free posting feature does take more time because of the fourteen day renewal requirement but it is very economical.

Paid Classified Advertising

We offer several paid solutions to getting your product or service found.

Ads are published for whatever duration you like.

Free Ads are posted for a period of fourteen days then the Free Ad needs to be renewed. There is no limit on the number of renewals.

If you upgrade to our special promotions they last the lifetime of your ad. This includes the "Featured Ad" feature.

Rates and Duration


Days  Cost Best Used For  
14  FREE When you expect a quick sell. -Must renew FREE Ad every 14 days to keep active.
44 $ 6.00 When you expect a quick sell and for short term sales.
Product Promotions.
-30 Days plus the 14 Days we offer for Free. Great Deal!
90 $15.00 Selling Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes and other high priced items.  
 182 $30.00 Works best for Real Estate Listings, Promoting Services and Business Pages

 365  $60.00
  • Works best for Real Estate Listings, Promoting Services and Business Pages
Days Cost Best Used For  


Special Promotions

We also offer a variety of ways to make your ad stand out and be placed in positions on our website that have a higher visibility to visitors.


  • Promotion
     Cost  How it Works
    First on List $ 2.00  to visitors  Your Ad is placed in the Top of the lists
    Bold  $2.00 This adds a Bold colored border around your Ad on Lists Easier for your Ad to be seen
    Border $1.00 This adds a border around your Ad on Lists Easier for your Ad to be seen
    Background  $2.00 This adds a light Blue background to your Ad when displayed in a List This feature draws the eye to the change of color in your listing.
    Featured $4.00

    This adds a featured label to your Ad and places it in the Featured Ad box which is found on every page.

    The most Exposure of all features  

    Gets viewed on over 500+ Pages

All special promotions last for the duration of the Ad.

You can purchase the extra features using Paypal or by sending us a check.

We have a NO RETURN policy for Ad Duration and Special Promotions.


Most recent Ads

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Demo - 50' 2007 Defever YachtDemo - 50' 2007 Defever Yacht
2014-01-18 03:01:52Watercraft978,870.99 USD
Demo - 2014 Yamaha VkingDemo - 2014 Yamaha Vking
2014-01-18 01:15:08ATV's13,000.00 USD
Demo - Cessna Skylane TDemo - Cessna Skylane T
2013-12-24 00:54:29Aircraft$197,700.00 USD
Demo - Porsche CarreraDemo - Porsche Carrera
2013-11-14 14:46:10Cars & Trucks79,000.99 USD