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King County Classifieds - Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Friendly Promotion of your Product or Service

Visible Local Advertising

The King County Classifieds utilize a variety of technologies and techniques to ensure that the website and all posts are indexed by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the act of optimizing content so it is easily found in search engine searches. Part of SEO is onsite and part is off site. Onsite SEO is what is controlled at the website, and offsite SEO is as it sounds offsite solutions such as using Facebook or Twitter to promote the website and posted Ads. The King County Classifieds Team uses these techniques and we welcome our visitors and users to join us.

cessna6 socialaPromote Your Ad

You can easily help promote your Ad, a friends Ad or an Ad you feel is something people may be interested in.
The image on the left shows the location of the available social networks, and promoting an Ad is as easy as clicking the icon of your favorite network.
On the left side of the Social Icon menu is an Orange plus symbol. Clicking the icon gives you access to over 200 more websites to promote your Advertisement on.

SEO While creating a Post

While creating an Ad to promote your Product or Service you will be given the chance to fill out many fields to convey your message to a vast audience. Filling out all the available fields is important but some fields carry more power then others with Search Engines.
Since search engines are how visitors find the website and the individual advertisements, it crucial you pay attention to a couple areas in your advertisement. Below we show how important it is to fill out these fields and the results of filling them out.

The Headline and SEO

Using the Headline

This screenshot shows the power of the Headline you enter as you fill out your advertisements details. We have searched at Google with the keyword phrase "Demo - Cessna Skylane T" which was used in the demo advertisements headline. As you can see in the screenshot the post is in first and second place in search results and this is in less then a week, depending on Google and when they do an index.

Make sure you use words which people may be searching for. Use the type, make, model and year of products you are selling. Services should use terms like the services provided, areas you service and types, makes and models of products you service.

cessna seo1

Headline with County Name and SEO

Using the Headline and County Name

In this screenshot we show how the County field is found in search results.
We searched Google by using the Headline "Cessna Skylane T" and the County name which we input in the County field when setting up the Demo ad. We found the Ad in the top place again.
If people are looking for a product or service you want them to find you, not your competitor.

Our advertising system reaches local buyers when they are looking for and want products and services. We don't trick visitors into visiting, they find us while browsing for Products or Services and this gives you the seller a better chance of success.

cessna seo2

Headline with City Name and SEO

Using the Headline and City Name

In this screenshot we show how the City field is found in search results.
Searching Google again with"Cessna Sklane T" and this time using the City name which was input during set up of the original Demo Ad. We again see our Cessna Demo Ad on top of the search results.

Remember if you are resident and not a business we do not advise you to use the address field. Using the City and Zip Code field is good enough. You can give the prospected buyer more details at a later date.

cessna seo3

Headline with Zip Code and SEO

Using the Headline and Postal Zip Code

Our last example shows how the Zip Code is also found in search results. Searching Google again with "Cessna Skylane T" and with the Zip Code, we find our Ad in the Third and Fourth position. cessna seo4

If you have a website that needs Search Engine Optimization we can help.

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